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SAQMI presenterar två av Namibias första queer filmer, Kapana (2020) av Philippe Talavera, och Hand-holder (2023) av Tim Hübschle. Visningen följs av samtal med Max Fuchs, queer aktivist och kvällens kurator. Hela evenemanget är på engelska.

Kapana (2020) Philippe Talavera, 60min

Languages: English, Afrikaans, Oshiwambo (non-English parts have English subtitles)

Namibia’s first queer movie tells the story of the openly gay and middle-class insurance broker George and the closeted working-class kapana (grilled meat) seller Simeon. The ongoing criminalization of male same-sex relationships in the country and the stigma around it challenges their affection to each other. While Simeon struggles with societal expectations he finds out that also George keeps a secret.
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Hand-holder (2023) Tim Hübschle 50min
Language: English

After the loss of his husband, lonely widower Katanga brings a deserted souvenir shop back to life. Neighboring farmer Enrico has an eye on the shop and land since it was in family possession before. While he tries to convince Katanga to sell the shop to him, both fall in love. Receiving much criticism after he spoke out against state funding for arts and culture in his radio show, Katanga finds himself reflecting on the worth and benefits of arts to society simultaneously.
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OriginaltitelNamibia night
Språk textEngelska