Bridging echoes

Join us for "Bridging Echoes" to experience the final year projects of three graduates from the HDK-Valand MFA in Film program. Discover three films, each born from deep, inquiry-based research that blends different modes of storytelling with unique artistic vision.

After the screening, engage in a compelling panel discussion featuring the filmmakers and Maja  Kekonius, film officer from Kulturförvaltningen.
This dialogue will delve into diverse storytelling techniques and explore the filmmakers’ individual approaches to their craft. The event offers an opportunity for film enthusiasts, emerging filmmakers, and storytellers to engage in meaningful conversations about the forefront of innovative filmmaking and narrative exploration.

The conversation after the film will be held in English.

Who stands up for Alvar by Anna Maria Jóakimsdóttir-Hutri
Minna a single mother to a fifteen year old daughter, an artist who’s only possibility for an employment is within the social service as an assistant nurse, performs her duties with empathy and dedication for the ones she is helping but pressured by unit managers that needs to keep
the budget and the more she tries to be helpful the more her benevolence is used until one day when she realises she’s had enough.
An assistant nurse at the home service is driven into an ever-increasing work spiral and is faced with the dilemma of also dealing with the terminally ill and lonely but grumpy neighbor who refuses all forms of municipal help even though he clearly cannot take care of himself.

Songbird by Robert Melo
A group of refugees, amongst which Marco and his mute daughter Paloma, are being smuggled out of their homeland in the pitch-black confinement of a truck container. The already perilous journey takes a sinister turn when the driver abandons them at a police checkpoint, leaving them
trapped in the suffocating darkness. The group battles to open the sealed doors, while Paloma, in her silent struggle, attempts to reclaim her voice. Songbird is a film about hope and despair in an inhuman situation that, with the help of darkness, illuminates this world disaster.

ﻣن وﯾن ﻟوﯾن – From Where to Where by Careen Koleilat
Based on true life experiences of immigrants from the SWANA region, the film takes viewers on a  journey, using fictional scenes to depict a single individual’s quest to defy the unrelenting cycle of border control, inviting audiences to reconsider the complexities surrounding this colonial gatekeeping practice. From Where to Where – ﻣن وﯾن ﻟوﯾن challenges the notions of border control and its effects on those who go through them. Following The Passenger and The Officer as they navigate diverse situations, the film portrays the gap of unequal power dynamics.

Titel: Bridging Echoes
Genre: Drama
Regissörer: Anna Maria Jóakimsdóttir-Hutri, Robert Melo, Careen Koleilat
Längd: 52 min
Språk tal: Svenska, Engelska, Spanska
Språk text: Engelska
Premiär: 17 maj 2024



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