Frames 2023

Portugisisk filmfestival på Hagabion 29 september - 1 oktober. Temat i år är COLOSSAL YOUTH.

Welcome to the 10th edition of Frames – Portuguese Film Festival: Frames Colossal Youth 2023

How is youth portrayed in cinema? Through what images and sounds can we define the energy of the new generations, their dreams and fears? How do they challenge traditions and invent new ways of life? It is imperative to listen carefully to young people, observe their freedom and return to the mysteries they know and which adults seem, at times, to have forgotten. In other words, travel back in time and go back to the moments that shaped everything that came after. Perceiving youth is, after all, perceiving who we are and what we can be. The selection of films for this edition was made based on the adequacy of the artistic work and the chosen theme, FRAMES COLOSSAL YOUTH, and, as always, based on the quality of cinematographic production in Portugal. COLOSSAL YOUTH, powerful youth. So let’s celebrate the best of Portuguese cinema – together.

Ticket information: https://www.framesfestival.se/gothenburg-programme
Buy tickets: https://billetto.se/e/frames-colossal-youth-gothenburg-biljetter-864830


Startar29 september 2023 00:00
Slutar1 oktober 2023 00:00