The Truth Shall not Be Killed

After being kidnapped in Syria and the execution of a colleague, war correspondent Témoris Grecko returns to violence driven Mexico.

He then chronicles the deadliest three years for journalists in the country 2015-2017, following cases across Tijuana to the Caribbean such as the murders of Moisés Sánchez, Rubén Espinosa, Miroslava Breach and Javier Valdez; through the silence areas in the border with the US where narcos rule; and the hunts mandated by the former president and various governors against Carmen Aristegui, Pedro Canché and Luces del Siglo.
In spanish with English subtitles.
 Biljetter 90 kr. 


Orginal titel: No se mata la verdad
Director: Coizta Grecko B
Producers: Juan Castro Gessner, Témoris Grecko
Production company: Ojos de Perro vs la Impunidad, A.C.
Investigation and script: Témoris Grecko
Editor: Gabriela Retes
Original soundtrack: Juan José Rodríguez
Photography: Juan Castro Gessner, Coizta Grecko B, Luis Alberto Castillo
Duration: 107 minutos 

Year: 2018

Startar18 december 2019 18:00